The Alternative: Building a Movement of Liberation Against a Colonial Regime, Not Demonstrating to Defend “Jewish Democracy”

This is a succinct, significant statement combining analysis of the present, inherently racist and self-interested protests seeking to secure a flawed Israeli ‘democracy’, essentially a ‘democracy’ only for Jews, whilst at the same time pointing to a more positive and necessary project: to build ‘a single democratic state in historic Palestine on the ruins of the apartheid regime and its criminal offshoots.’

Free Haifa

Statement of the One Democratic State Campaign

February 21, 2023

(The following declaration was published on the ODSC site. It was originally published in Arabic.)

Since Israel’s Minister of Justice, Yariv Levin, announced sweeping “reforms” in Israel’s judicial system, intended to nullify the power of the Supreme Court to declare laws unconstitutional and to pack the judiciary with political appointees, a regime based on settler colonialism, apartheid and Jewish supremacy over Palestinians has been debating how to preserve itself as “a democracy”. A growing protest movement has arisen calling for civil disobedience, including “militant” statements of defiance by former senior political, security and military officials.

No one can predict how this confrontation will end. It is clear, however, that it represents solely an internal Zionist dispute. The protests never reference the other side of Israeli “democracy”: the exclusion of Arab citizens, who the “opposition” leaders make clear are…

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