Latest Position (29.01.2022) on the Shame of Sheffield Hallam University

For this post it is sufficient to quote the words of Shahd Abusalama and to reiterate that the matter is a long way from being settled satisfactorily. The hope is that readers of this blog will add their voice of protest to Sheffield Hallam University.

Shahd Abusalama’s position

I am reinstated, which shows how powerful our voices are when they are joined together. Yet, it’s not over. We need to continue to stand #InSupportOfShahd.

Demand that Sheffield Hallam University reviews its adoption of the IHRA definition of antisemitism that is designed to protect a racist settler-colonial state and distract from its crimes, and listen to the UCU and staff opposition. #StopIHRA #InSupportOfShahd

Demand that SHU must put policies in place that ensure that Palestinians and pro-justice in Palestine are not subject to such malicious censorship and breach of freedom of speech and confidentiality. #InSupportOfShahd #StopIHRA

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