May 2018

  • Anti-semitism- an article of clear, good sense

    There follows a link to an article on anti-semitism in the London Review of Books by Stephen Sedley: I commend it to you as a good and worthwhile read. Stephen Sedley  is a former appeal court judge. A collection of his articles and lectures, Law and the Whirligig of Time, will be published by… Continue reading

  • A State’s ‘right’ to exist?

    Abstractions cannot have rights.  States are abstractions.  States therefore cannot have rights.  At first blush, this may seem no more than a quibble, or an excursion into constructing a syllogism simply for the pleasure of it.  In terms of the subject I want now to address, it is neither. Before proceeding, it’s worth stating an… Continue reading

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My name is Bernard Spiegal, I write mainly about Palestine/Israel and related issues; sometimes other stuff too