October 2016

  • I am compelled to share this

    Truly, there are no boundaries to the surreal. Or perhaps Rockhampton Regional Council wishes to demonstrate its sense of humour. Or a particular world view taken to its logical conclusion – reductio ad absurdum With thanks to Liselle Wolmarans  and Free Range Kids Continue reading

  • It’s not all progress

    Preamble I want in the article that follows, and the next one,  to consider aspects of the resistance, current and developing, to what can be called the ‘pro-risk’ movement in respect of play and outdoor learning. In this, I’m as interested in the subjective, internalised, self-oppression experienced by at least some – I hazard to… Continue reading

About Me

My name is Bernard Spiegal, I write mainly about Palestine/Israel and related issues; sometimes other stuff too